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What does Back 2 Life Mean?

Who is Nikolay?

After turning 25 years old, I decided to drop everything in my life and travel the world. I ended up being gone for 8 months which ended up being one of the best experiences I have ever had! I learned so much along the way that amplified why I started Back 2 Life in the first place. After returning home, I have continued to travel occasionally but am now involved in several businsses, of which two include Niko's Property Show and my personal brand @nikotjr. I enjoy walking everyday and soaking in the beauty of this world. But by far, my most favorite thing is music! I love listening to and singing along with my favorite songs! Did you know I also have writtten some music myself? I like to stay busy and am always looking for the next project start!

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  • My Podcast

    I talk about business, life, motivation, and personal growth.

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  • My Recent Book

    Life isn't always easy, but beating yourself up doesn't make it better.

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  • My First Book

    From high school teacher to world travel YouTuber, this is my story.

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  • My Music

    A collection of emotions written and portrayed through lyrics and sound.

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